This season of my life is all about feeling all the things. Taking time and giving permission to my little heart to partake in the sweet adventure that is emotional response. My soul is over trying to deny itself the right to react to things. We are done with prideful neglect of the rhythm God intended us to dance to. We are ready to roll up our jeans, take off our shoes and splash around in the floods waters of living this human life. So here it goes…here’s to feeling all the things…

I’m feeling the hope rush back into a heart that thought love would never feel like a gift. I’m feeling the praise for a God who never forgot me, even when my doubtful wandering told me differently. I’m feeling the gratitude for a new hand to hold through the sweet moments of true joy and also fight alongside in the battles with. I’m feeling privileged for all the smiles and the hugs and the tears of rejoicing. I’m feeling restoration to a part of my soul that was ready to quit rebuilding. I’m feeling the beat of the drum thumping against my chest beckoning me to commune with the heart of God through all the pretty little lyrics sung by his people. I’m feeling the terrifying urge to be apart of something I cant control knowing its what will ultimately give me peace. I’m feeling the fear in learning how to trust another soul with my own. I’m feeling the breath leave my lungs and flood back in at the thought of the journey ahead. I’m feeling the grief at the brokenness around me and my realization that I cant fix them…or anyone for that matter. I’m feeling the relief in admitting the truth and still being who I know I am. I’m feeling brave, real brave, to know that at the end of the day I am enough, and nothing this world says or does is going to change that.

I dare you to feel all the things too.